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Careers at SODIA

FREE 4-DAY COURSE ON NGO/CBO FUNDRAISINGSocial Development and Improvement Agency(SODIA) in collaboration with our partners invites leaders of NGOs and CBOs to for a Two Day Training on Fundraising annually.

Interested Applicants should send e-mails to SODIA for enquiries: asksodia@yahoo.co.uk
3rd-6th July, 2016
9:00am to 4:00pm daily
SODIA Conference Room

Volunteer or intern with us
SODIA offers suitable candidates internship opportunities. Interns will be under the supervision of the Head of the Zonal Coordinators and Project Leaders but can also be assigned work by the Executive Director. While at SODIA, the intern will be working with SODIA staff on a number of programs and activities on democratic development in Ghana.
Full time interns are expected to complete 40 hours of work a week for a minimum of 6 weeks. Other interns who combine academic work with SODIA activities are expected to complete 24 hours of work a week.


Must be a senior undergraduate or post graduate student. Proficiency in English, strong analytical skill, editing and reviewing, and writing skills, punctuality and attention to detail are essential. Ability to write technical/project proposal is an added advantage.


Students must submit an application as below. Applications will be screened based on a number of factors such as the academic background of the individual, language proficiency, availability of office space and others.


3 months ahead of time depending on the period (summer/fall/spring) the student intends to start to sodiaghana@gmail.com

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